Antoine Verglas




Los Angeles, California, July 21st, 2012 - HADID GALLERY is pleased to present the new works of ANTOINE VERGLAS in his fine art photography exhibition: NATURE: EXPOSED, on view trough August 11th, 2012.


Nature: Exposed ­speaks to the seamless ties between the natural body and the elements of the natural world. It’s a raw and beautiful look at both as one in the same. The photographs, detailed and viscerally beautiful are as striking in their message as they are to the naked eye.


“I am always inspired by nature and its elements water, sand, sun, trees, rocks…I like to portray beauty and women in a very natural way, so it seems obvious to me to associate the woman’s body and its beauty to nature.”

Antoine Verglas


Antoine Verglas is a photogra­pher renowned for his strikingly beautiful intimate style of imagery. His work offers a distinctly sensual, sexy sense of beauty, fashion, and celebrity portraiture.


Antoine searches for truth through his lens and captures, exposes and delivers photographs that are not only beautiful but elemental and sensual, in essence conveying the message that reality is not what we see but truly what we discover and create for ourselves. Submerged in feminine isolation, the convergence of abundanc­e and sensuality spring forth an innate portrayal of the exposed through these photographs for the viewer to decipher. His subjects resonate with the need for our engagement and our emotional participation, impelling the audience to steal another intimate glance at the photographs with its mixture of sophistication and passionate innocence.


Antoine Verglas is one of the most important international fashion photographers of our time. He was born in Paris and began his career when he moved to New York in 1990. He is a virtuoso of the camera, possessing an outstanding knowledge of the use of light. His photographs are both beautiful and unique. Antoine renders his photographs with intense hues and shadows, much like a painter creates works on a canvas. Antoine has photographed famous models and celebrities for the most important magazines in the international market, such as GQ, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, Elle, Vogue, Details and Esquire, among many others. Parlaying his career seamlessly from fashion to artistic and back. When asked why he has tackled so many projects, his simple answer is “why not”.