Sandra Baia




Los Angeles, California, September 22th, 2012 - HADID GALLERY is pleased to present the new works of SANDRA BAIA in her first fine art exhibition in United States: Looking Is Not Seeing, on view through October 22nd, 2012.

Hadid Gallery presents Looking Is Not Seeing, an exhibition by Sandra Baia featuring her recent works on canvas.
Sandra Baía was born in Lisbon in 1968 and was raised in Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. She came to Portugal in 1977 where she remained until 1987. Around this time, she entered the fashion world as a model, a job that enabled her to freely explore the art scene, her main interest. Due to extensive travelling that this type of job entailed, she had the opportunity to satisfy her curiosity regarding the best museums and art galleries wherever she was sent.
Predictably modeling is a short-term career and as such at the age of 28 Sandra left her job and came back to Portugal with the aim to establish herself as an artist.
Sandra is a self-taught artist and she has been exhibiting for the last 12 years. Her work is as varied as her medium. From acrylics, plastic to pins, her work keeps evolving with each and every exhibition. Basically she starts from an idea and then explores it in all sorts of ways to achieve something innovative that makes a stand. Then she starts again with a new idea… As an artist, Sandra really is a permanent work in progress!
Sandra’s work is represented in the following Institutions and Collections: Hospital da Cruz Vermelha, Movijovem, Grupo Espirito Santo, Nova Expressão, Fundação Andy Macdonald, Cinemateca Portuguesa, On, Ditec espaço arte, Espaço White.
Looking Is Not Seeing relates to the way we as viewers respond to artwork and seeks to question the level of real physical engagement in an age where imagery and information is readily available and quickly digested.
Sandra Baia's new paintings explore the complexities of phenomenological responses by using free associating of imagery and through the use of varied media. Each composition is constructed upon indefinable hieroglyphic like designs, with figures in different emotional and cognitive states.
Text sometimes appears in Baia's work. This text functions more like the artist's statements rather than direct quotes, adding to the labyrinth of interpretation.
Baia's use of materials is arbitrary, however the use of the fragile tape reminds us of the fragility of existence, not just our own but everything around us.
Looking Is Not Seeing relates to the attention we pay - not only to these works - but how we observe our surroundings...both physically and emotionally.
Sometimes looking is not enough.