June 16th - July 14th



Masterpol's work is pure painting the simple truth.

Although best known for her abstract expressionist paintings, Masterpol revives abstract surrealism and automatism in her new work. She utilizes the power of stroke, color and lien, painting from nothing and allowing images to emerge, and reveal themselves. Being less analytical, exposing her internal dialogue through the process of free association, Masterpol unravels an abstract portrait of the moment, full of surprise and unexpected juxtapositions. She callsthis liberation of imagination, She paints, builds, layers, lets the painting happen, and follows it. She calls the body of the painting the groundwork, the second layer of thee framework, and the third layer the depth of field. This also provides a heirarchy of the diferent forms as well as maintaining a dream-like quality. The work evokes the senses and provokes thought, and the viewer is caught in a trap of revealing imagery and emotion.